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Galeria ZA SZYBĄ

Matthias Hagemann – Slow Photography

Matthias Hagemann (Germany, 1967) is pinhole photographer since 1996. He displayed his works in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, US, China and Australia, is editor of the annual Boxocam Camera Obscura Calendar since 2004 and member of the gallery „ep.contemporary“ in Berlin, Germany. His experimental pinhole cameras range from small size Coke Cans, Shoe-box-sized Tins, Fridges and Camerickshaw tricycle up to complete rooms. Beside of pinhole photography, he creates experimental works with simple lens cameras from mid 20th century and any kind of optical tools.
For the exhibition at Dom Kultury Koszutka Filia Dąb he brings 3 b&w series, two of them done with lensless cameras:

Built for Belief (2016)
In our days, the city of Berlin appears to be a place of irreligion, but taking a closer look, we discover that this is not the truth:
Berlin is full of churches, temples, synagogues and mosques. New religious buildings are rising everywhere, many were built in the last years following old models from Turkey, Sri Lanka, Moldavia or Vietnam. Others tell us moving stories of last century's history.
Emperors, dictators, destruction, expulsion or new establishment, very different influences left highly interesting traces at all selected buildings for the 5 World Religions.

Amongst other places we find Germany eldest mosque, its largest synagogue, a new Buddhist nunnery and a beautiful neo-classical military church split by the bombs of WWII.
All places are retreated in Berlin in black and white by archaic pinhole cameras, though some of those motifs seem to be found far away.
Small booklets resume the most important data and most catching story of each of them.

Finally the largest image merges the 12 selected places into one single Berlin shaped photo. For this picture, Hagemann designed a special twelve-hole camera and took a one-day-trip to the 12 different spots of belief all over the German capital.

Time Elements (2010)
The four classical elements, as defined by Empedocles, are fascinating mankind since thousands of years. The TIME ELEMENTS series is playing with these elements - fire, water, earth and air- on similar settings: 1 newspaper, 1 clock and 1 element. Each single element is applied to transform or destroy one newspaper, named "TIMES" in different languages. The clock as TIMEmeter bears testimony of this elemental transformation act. As the pinhole exposure TIME is long, sometimes the element itself is invisible, but it leaves well definite traces.

Rough Time Panorama (2014-17)
Decades ago, the panorama photography was rare and expensive technique for a small group of well equipped professionals. Nowadays modern smartphones allow everybody to make instantly fine digital panoramic pictures. The panoramic views of Matthias Hagemann are different, the are playing with rhythms and fractures:
for the Rough Time Panorama, the point of view of the simple lens camera does not change in every single of the countless multi-exposures, but the time instead does. So people or traffic are constantly changing in the foreground, meanwhile the more or less uniform background setting is giving a sensation of a panoramic view. Finally it is the time itself, that creates the panorama of a constantly changing world. Each roll needs about one hour to be exposed in its different frames.
The layers are merged roughly inside the camera on film without any digital trick, the show holiday crowds from Shanghai, Berlin Central Station and a procession from Seville, Spain.

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